Polygraph/Investigation/Background Check Services

We offer services for conducting investigations, background checks, and polygraph tests. We can service your domestic and international needs with fast and accurate investigations.

Project Management

We offer a range of activities and responsibilities to ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and meet your desired objectives. Our role is to bring structure, organization, and efficiency to projects, ensuring that they are completed successfully.

Equipment Rental

We have nationwide agreements with equipment suppliers so we can provide several advantages, such as streamlined processes, consistent pricing, and access to a wide range of equipment across different locations. We regularly review the performance and value provided by our suppliers to optimize equipment procurement processes and drive operational success.

Fleet Vehicle Management and Maintenance

We offer various fleet services, including vehicle acquisition, maintenance, repairs, tracking, and overall fleet optimization. We help to provide operational efficiency, reduce downtime, control costs, and ensure the safety and reliability of your fleet. Implementing robust management practices, leveraging technology solutions, and prioritizing training help top ensure the success of your fleet vehicle management efforts.

Vessel Maintenance, Support, Transportation, and Operations

By implementing effective vessel maintenance, support, transportation, and operational practices, we enhance vessel performance, ensure the safety of crew and cargo, comply with regulations, and optimize operational efficiency in the maritime industry. We prioritize safety, adhere to industry standards, and stay informed about evolving regulations and best practices.

supporting federal, state and local government agencies

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